Certification Criteria

The natureplus guidelines define the criteria and requirements of the natureplus® eco-label. You find all applicable certification criteria in the navigation below.

Every building product with the natureplus® eco-label must meet the requirements of the basic guidelines (GL 5000 ff.) as well as the respective product-specific guideline. For products consisting of several system components e.g. thermal insulation composite systems, as well as for components/ building elements (GL 2000 ff.), the requirements for the indvidual components specified in the product criterion also apply.

If you, as a manufacturer of building products, cannot find a natureplus Award Guideline for your specific products, then you can enquire at the natureplus office as to whether such a guideline is currently being worked on or planned. As a member of the natureplus Association you have the right to actively participate in the creation of the Award Guidelines that affect you.

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